Joint Internship with Melbourne Students

Today is the fourth day of our internship in PT. YPTI in Kalasan, Yogyakarta. The good atmosphere, we started to build among us. Gani, the guy who feel he was in the wrong place, tried to convince himself that he was in the right place which has to use all his capability to interact with others. Maya, my two other partners, looks better to express her idea. She seems more comfortable now. Me, I am trying to improve everything in my social interaction with those three Deakin students.

Starting from the first day, I feel like I am not a person who could be able awesome at the first impression. Then the next day I learn how I blend in a diverse group. I tried to arrange words to ask while working the project about the marketing research. The group analyzed the marketing of PT YPTI, particularly in mold division. We helped to add some ideas about the marketing strategy. Mr. Heru, the director of mold division, didn’t tell ask clearly about our duty. However, we kept on arranging some analysis and questions to ask the director, Mr. Petrus.

After scheduling to the director’s secretary, Mr. Pertus brought us to the factory that we could look around to see the worker, machine, and product. For me, it is the first time to be in a factory with big machines producing small parts of items with precision. By that time, the group got more information about things to do with the project. To complete the project, we would make a design of educational toys that has not existed yet. We were planning to visit one or two kindergarten to observe what educational toys they used to teach the students in a class. At the first week, we have made several ideas of educational toys and cultural merchandises.

The second week, we visit Al-Azhar kindergarten to conduct an observation. We were hosted very warm with the teachers and staff there. Mr. Dedi, the library staff, led us to look around the school. Students looked shy to see us but the teachers seemed very exciting. What a nice experience to be around the cute kindergarten children! No more tired but happy with them, but then we decided to cancel visiting Brilliant kindergarten as the next school.

Of course, we got trouble to leave without any permission before. Instead of visiting the next school which has been scheduled by UTY, we went back to the YPTI only to have lunch and play around. Personally, I felt I was mistaken to be in that such a fool situation to leave without any confirmation. However, Mr. Eko, our supervisor looked patient to solve the problem. I asked if we should reschedule to visit the next kindergarten but he recommended to cancel it.

In fact, we kept visiting the Brilliant Kindergarten as they have prepared anything for us. At that day, the teachers hosted us very amazing, They looked so exciting and full of smiling to interact with us. We were explained about the school and the classes they had as well as the educational toys they used to teach the students. Of course, taking photos was the most exciting part. The teachers were very happy to have guests like us, from overseas.

We spent our good time in a different language and culture. We might understand each our culture even though sometimes it is hard to tell why I could not give a hug or an only cheek kiss goodbye for them. The warm feeling of saying goodbye does not have to represent in that way because of a commitment and responsibility. For me, this program is the real life of my future dream. Now, I still remember my teachers’ words what to be like as a Moslem. But later, in that truth culture, who’s gonna keep me in that belief that I have been holding as strong as I can. No one could guarantee it unless God who keep and save me from all those temptations.

Nevertheless, communication and interaction are taught there. Jokes, sometimes dirty and flirty, also are important ones to build a good and memorable time.  And yes, this meeting make me missing about moments I have been done with them. Thank you, Tim, for being like a big brother and sharing as a married man. Thanks, Tegan, for understanding us when those two guys are not and giving us such a brand joke of David who. The last is David, thank you for being a nice guy with coffees in the hotel. Thank you for Maya and Gani, for being my awesome partners to do this job well.

Yogyakarta, 27 November 2016


The Culture Reflection by The Language Used

world_handsMorning light didn’t make me feel okay. Getting up with a heavy body, I was starting this day to spread a good energy. I would have an Indonesian course today without my coordinator. She was taking a vacation while her job is replaced by Mbak Endah, the accountant. Today is a national holiday. Some staff have taken a holiday for two days. However, two students have class with 4 different teachers.

Arriving at Realia, I saw Mbak Endah was sitting at the teacher table, alone. She seemed ready to a course coordinator. Two students did not arrive yet. There was Mas Richards who became the first teacher of Pak Ben while I would teach him for the second session. A new book would be started today but Richards, looked like not ready for his morning classroom because he didn’t update of what the last class happened.

I came to Pak Ben and Mas David when the time was exactly at 8 a.m. However, they were in a good conversation, like always. I asked him, “pagi Pak Ben?” “Pagi Wirda, apa kabar?” “Baik, apa kabar Pak Ben?” “Aku baik.” “Are you on the teacher list?” “Ya, saya guru Anda.”
Just like what I have talked to you yesterday, he is a student who tries to find a learning method based on his ways. He has much talks in the class and has few of practical Indonesian language. He tends to more compare using another language of his to make him noticeable about his new words.

In the middle of our conversation, he was talking about Indonesian people and language. “So, I can conclude that there are only two words I need to live in Indonesia; “habis” and “belum”. Cause when I ordered something in a restaurant, they would say, habis atau belum. Or they would say InsyaAllah. But for me, an InsyaAllah response doesn’t make sense that God will permit to let that happened; because, in fact, he could not provide four cigarettes at that day. What answer I would expect that is “Okay, I am the owner of this shop, so I would make sure that in three days, I would provide four cigarettes. Instead of they say, InshaAllah”.

What I could explain to him was, the word InsyaAllah has become our culture since Moslem is the majority religion in Indonesia. When I explain to him that actually, people would make an effort when they say insyaAllah, he didn’t believe it, because,  he didn’t find an effort to provide the cigarettes.

Oh, language reflects a culture. In fact, not only Moslem who use the word InsyaAllah for to promise but also non-Moslem is one of Indonesian culture through a language. However, the word InsyaAllah which is interpreted to the willingness and agreement has been misunderstood that it is a doubt response instead of yes.

About for two hours in the class with Pak Ben, seems not long for me. I didn’t feel anxious like my other classes before, just because I confuse what topic I would like to talk about. That makes me feel like okay to teach him. And he seems friendly with other people. So, let’s see today of my last class with him because next week, Martha doesn’t give me classes with him.

Yogyakarta, 5May 2016

To Feel Alive

“You don’t have to change the world in order to have a meaningful life. You don’t always have to do things that are extreme and unbelievable and outside of the norm in order to feel alive. You can feel alive just by acknowledging your own worth and the worth of everyone around you.”


Being out of the box is a dream for some people, including me. But, it makes me trapped on a difficult situation to compare myself with others. Thus, I will not allow myself to be someone else because I have something that cannot be imitated by others. Sometime I consider myself to feel alive as my own without thinking of others’ opinions. As my recent time I have passed, I am a typically someone who cannot live monotony. I want to do things out of the box because I know that it is too common having a life like them.

Fortunately, it does. I make up my life. I am not like people in my village, people in my family even people in my study program. I am different with them. That is one of my ways to feel alive. When I try to interact all the repetitiveness as their own, I cannot feel alive. I feel losing parts of my life. For instance, I was involved all the activities in Scout UGM last year, I felt happy there. But then, I considered that I could not do more than myself challenges. However, when I decided to live in a different way by the monotony in boarding house and college, so did I. Thus, I think I need to integrate all things that make me feel alive. Put things together. All my activities are related to one another.

“Jumping out of a plane is remarkable. So is quitting your job and moving across the country, or traveling the world and living out of a backpack for several months. But these are not the only things that make you brave. These are not the only things that signify that you’re living your life right. These are not the only things that give your life meaning.”

I plan to Featured Image -- 366move across the country every year. I and mostly people think that it is a remarkable. So is my journey to Japan. That is my dream and most people. However, it has changed my mind after coming back from there. It is not about how many times I go abroad, but how many changes I have made for myself and others. Honestly, there are many plans to come back to Japan as my future plans. But, it is not about having a seminar and going around the cities, it’s more about the Muslim life as the minority, that they can take a prayer like here. Not only Japan, but I plan to go to Europe. I am sure, it will not easy as I write and post this story, but that significant dream, I will start by gathering phrases into sentences, like now.

Nowadays, the environment of making achievements are showed up. Students in college will do this and this in order to complete the requirements or just to feel a live. For instance, I, a common student, was challenged to compete with other students in an achievement student awarded or Penghargaan Mahasiswa Berprestasi of UGM. After long periods of dreaming, from a way that I have never expected, I became a candidate to be with them, achievements students in UGM. Pessimistic has changed my life, that everyone life should be surrounded by an optimistic, that you can follow your dream (read: the power of dream). The way you live your life is doing your best, for your life and your surroundings, primarily for Allah, The Most Glorified and The Most High.

In summary, feeling a live by people is different. They can do remarkable or ordinary things that make them alive. However, every option and action that we do, will signify others that we are all part of life in the different ways to feel alive.

Yogyakarta, 14 April 2015


Senja Pertama dalam Nuansa Syukurku pada-Nya

Tak sabar menunggu sore pertama di kota Tokyo tepatnya di Best Western hotel. Subhanallah, fasilitas yang super lengkap. Sedikit malas ke luar hotel, mengingat semua hal yang aku suka bisa dilakukan di dalam kamar. Selesainya mandi, ternyata kedua temanku berencana menuju Disney Land Tokyo. How much to get there? Butuh koin sekitar ¥700. Aku belum bisa memutuskan apakah bisa ikut dengan mereka atau tidak. Hatiku bergejolak, tapi raga ini berat menolak melihat wajah dua temanku yang sangat bersemangat mengunjungi Disney Land Tokyo. Aku berjalan menuju halte dengan harapan rencana ini tidak berhasil. Kami menyusuri jalanan Tokyo di sore hari untuk mencari bus yang bisa mengantarkan kami ke tempat tujuan.

Tiba-tiba seorang laki-laki tua mendekat dan menanyakan kemana kami akan pergi. Pandangannya tertuju padaku. Namun aku tak memperlihatkan raut muka semangat padanya. Setelah kedua temanku menjelaskannya, beliau dengan semangat bertanya ke orang lain. Sebuah halte di dekat perempatan, membuatku terdiam. Aku masih belum mengambil keputusan. Sejenak, kata yang diucapkan bapak tersebut membuatku segera menoleh, “Assalamu’alaykum”. Segera aku menjawab, “are you Moslem?” “No, I’m not”. Rasa senang dan bersyukur bisa membawa Islam di negeri orang. Namun segera aku memutuskan dan bilang ke dua temanku, “Sepertinya aku tidak enak badan, kalian berdua pergi aja, aku kembali ke hotel yaa,” aku pun bingung dengan diksi yang sudah terucap. Semoga mereka mengerti.“Seriusan wir?” kata Lydia dengan wajahnya yang keheranan.“Iya serius, have fun yaaaa!” kataku dengan yakin dan segera meninggalkan bus stop.

Aku berjalan menuju hotel. Melihat sisi kanan dan kiri, aku pun sangat bersyukur bisa berada di sini. Gedung, jalan, tulisan, toko, semua bernuansa Jepang. Dimana hotel itu? Aku tetap berjalan dan berusaha menemukannya. Namun, keterbatasan memori ini memaksaku untuk bertanya. “Excuse me sir, could you please show me Best Western hotel?” tanyaku pada seorang laki-laki yang mengendarai sepeda, yang sepertinya pengantar surat. “Eh,” jawabnya singkat lalu tiba-tiba terdiam.“Should I turn left then turn right?” tanyaku dengan penasaran.“Eh, yeah,” jawabnya singkat dan terlihat bingung, beliau sepertinya tidak berbahasa Inggris. Dengan segera dia mengambil kertas yang ada di sakunya dan menggambar arah untuk menuju hotel yang aku maksud. Aku pun sangat berterima kasih padanya, orang Jepang.

  CIMG5150 CIMG5148
Berjalan sesuai arah yang ditunjukkannya, aku merasa dia mengikutiku dari belakang. Tetap berjalan lurus, belok ke kiri, berjalan lurus lagi, dan saat mau belok ke kanan, aku meliahat orang Jepang itu dari kejauhan. Dia meyakinkanku, bahwa benar aku harus belok ke kanan. Subhanallah, persis sesuai cerita Mbak Erpin sepulang dari Jepang. Orang Jepang sangat ringan tangan menolong orang sampai masalah terselesaikan. Sekarang aku sudah membuktikannya.

CIMG5153 CIMG5151
Sesampainya di hotel, aku mulai mengkoneksikan laptop ke internet. Menulis, bercerita, dan melihat suasana Jepang di sore hari dari jendela kamar lantai 4 . Setelah mulai gelap, aku keluar hotel menuju bus stop sore tadi. Aku melihat orang-orang yang tertib mengantri dan orang-orang yang berjalan sangat cepat. Deretan toko dan jalanan yang sepi kendaraan tapi ramai oleh sepeda angin dan orang-orang yang bergantian menyebrang. Setelah puas memasuki toko demi toko, aku pun kembali ke hotel. Ternyata dua temanku sudah berada kamar. Kami menghabiskan malam sebelum tidur dengan penuh tawa. Provokatornya ya Lydia. Satu projek sebelum tidur, yakni mencatat jadwal shalat di Myoko lengkap dengan arah kiblat.

CIMG5175 CIMG5170 CIMG5180 CIMG5165

Ketulusan Hati darinya “Mr. Toya”

Ternyata matahari sudah menujukkan sinarnya, betapa indahnya lagi saat melihat awan-awan berkumpul. Istimewanya adalah daratan yang bisa dilihat dari jendela. Yup, Jepang. We have arrived in Japan. Smothly landing, it’s really international class.

Aku dan dua temanku sangat bersemangat berjalan menuju tempat penjemputan. Aku sempatkan masuk ke toilet. Kebersihan dan kelengkapan fasilitasnya patut diacungi jempol. Dry, clean, and complete. Semua terlihat bersih dan teratur. Sambil menunggu pukul 11.00, aku duduk bersebrangan dari dua teman saya. Mengamati lingkungan sekitar. Orang-orang telah berubah. Kebanykan mereka berkulit putih dan bermata sipit.

Tiba-tiba, an old man came to us “Excuse me, are you students from Gadjah Mada University?” he said. Ternyata beliau adalah panitia yang menjemput kami. Kami pun melanjutkan perjalanan ke hotel dengan kereta. Tiket seharga ¥1030 kami bayarkan. Aku pun sempat ragu. Benarkah? Karena menyangkut masalah uang, aku sangat takut dengan segala modus penipuan, sedangkan tertulis bahwa biaya transportasi selama di Jepang ditanggung panitia. Aku simpan tanda tanyaku itu.

Namun, ketulusan bapak Toya meyakinkanku bahwa beliau mengusahakan yang terbaik. Membantu mengangkat koper hingga menraktir makan siang dengan menu Soba di restoran Asakusa Tokyo. Oh, beliau seperti malaikat. Ketulusannya dapat kami tangkap. Sayangnya Mie soba yang disajikan bersamaan dengan nasi seafood, masih tersisa di piring. Aku rasa porsinya kebanyakan. Benar-benar mengenyangkan. Satu hal unik dari Jepang, setiap gelas yang kosong, pelayan akan mengisinya lagi. Jika terlihat berkurang bahkan kosong, maka akan diisi kembali. And it’s for free.CIMG5100 CIMG5119 CIMG5129 CIMG5132 CIMG5136 CIMG5145

Menginjakkan Kaki Menuju Gugusan Pulau Impian

Kekhawatiran melanda malam sebelum hari keberangkatan. Sebuah perjalanan yang sudah dinanti kehadirannya. Dengan kuasa-Nya, kesempatan berkunjung ke luar negeri datang menghampiri. Melalui The 2th International Meeting for ISTS 2014, aku, Lydia dan Tiffany, mahasiswa UGM fakultas sekolah vokasi berangkat menuju negara Jepang.CIMG5051

Persiapan malam sebelumnya ternyata belum cukup untuk melakukan sebuah perjalanan panjang. Masih saja ada yang terlupa. Aku belum menukar uang rupiah ke mata uang yen. Beberapa orang menyarankan untuk menukar uang di Indonesia saja, karena nilai mata uang yen lebih rendah di Indonesia.

Sesampainya di bandara, aku berjalan sangat cepat bersama Windu. Pesan dari temanku bahwa kita harus check ini pukul 18.30 WIB. Sedangkan waktu sudah menunjukkan lebih dari itu. Aku sendiri, belum mengerti bagaimana proses check in di bandara. Saat aku melihat dua temanku yang sedang berdiri bersama orang-orang yang mengantarnya, seketika kekhawatiran melanda. Aku yang panik, berinisiatif masuk ke dalam ruang check in dan menitipkan koper ke kak Wiwit dan Windu. Aku bertanya ke petugas yang sedang berjaga. “Permisi pak, check in penumpang pesawat Garuda Indonesia di mana ya?” tanyaku. “Disebelah sana mbak,” jawab bapak itu sampbil menujuk arah dengan tangannya. Aku menuju garis antrian pesawat Garuda Indonesia. Beberapa orang sedang mengantri dengan membawa barang-barangnya. Aku pun kembali untuk mengambil koper. Beru aku tahu, ternyata mereka berdua belum check in.

Setelah aku kembali, aku dan dua temanku memasuki ruangan. Rupanya sudah ada petugas yang memeriksa tiket pesawat dan paspor penumpang sebelum check in. Ternyata aku melewatkan waktu mengucapkan salam perpisahan pada kak Wiwit dan Windu karena setelah check in, penumpang diharapkan tetap berada diruangan. Sambil menunggu pesawat take off, aku ditemani Lydia mencari money changer. Tidak ada mata uang JPY malam itu, sehingga Lydia menyarankanku untuk menukarkannya ke USD. Sudah, kami pun duduk kembali menunggu jam menujukkan 20.10. Bergegas menuju pesawat Garuda Indonesia, kami akan menuju ke bandara I Gusti  Ngurah Rai, Bali.CIMG5067CIMG5059

Pengalaman pertama naik pesawat terbang. Aku merasa, teknologi yang dibuat manusia sangat lah canggih untuk memudahkan langkah mencari karunia-Nya. Ya, aku ke Jepang bukan untuk liburan. Aku ke negeri rising sun untuk melihat warna-warni dunia yang dibuat-Nya. Betapa beragamnya manusia di dunia. Mereka tidak sekedar berkulit sawo matang dengan jilbab yang anggun menutupi seluruh tubuh yang diwajibkan. Bukan juga yang berlogat Jawa dan ramah saat di jalan. Mereka beragam.

CIMG5080Sampainya di bandara Ngurah Rai, aku dan dua temanku menaikki bus yang disediakan menuju departure arrival. Ternyata membutuhkan 10 menit perjalanan melewati lorong-lorong panjang. Setelah sampai, aku sungguh terkagum-kagum melihat bandara itu. “Ini benar-benar bandara Internasional,” ucapan dalam hati seseorang yang baru pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di tanah Bali. Perjalanan menuju gate penerbangan, disuguhkan berbagai pernak-pernik dan aneka makanan yang menarik perhatian mata. Wow, inilah dunia dan segala perhiasannya.