28/07/2017 – My letter for Father

Dear Father,

This is my third week in Jogja after I met you from Idul Fitri celebration. At the first week, I had a class with a student from US. He is a musician. He has a band with underground music. What I love from him is his adventurous nature. Just like an animal person who really likes animal. That is why he is vegetarian. He has lived in many forest for many nights to live with nature, to hope nothing from a life, to pull away from a crowd. That is what I could interpret from him. 

Talking with him about being vegetarian reminds me about my friends and I while we were on fasting from animals-bilaruhi fasting-for 40 days during Idul Adha celebration. What I could say being vegetarian here is not easy. Almost food sold in warung were already obviously or invisibely contained by animals. Thus, the solution is we cook our meals by ourselves or actively asking about the ingredients of any foods we eat. 

You can assume him as Mas Rosi, coming from one concert to another in groups. We even talk about hitchhike that he often does in Indonesia. Just like me, when scouting group of UGM (Pramuka UGM) and I were hijacking right after tracking many hours to be finally arrived at our campus. It was one of amazing experiences I have with Pramuka UGM in tracking, just like him. He has travelled many places from this archipelago. Oh, how I want to travel these islands too. 

At the weekend, collegues and I were cooking together. I made ice tea and oseng-oseng kangkung among many other delicious dishes successfully provided on the table. I just remembered when Risma suprised to know how simply to put seasoning but creating a good taste on kangkung. I am very happy to have such a good time in cooking, as well as in home. Other enjoying parts are taking photos and chatting with people there. 

But the next week, I have no clear idea of what I am going to do here. My first skype class was cancelled and I turned to be free for a week. That was very terrible! I felt like I am losing my crowd. Something empty. The same situation, when I have no schedule to meet people will be always terrible.

In fact, it makes me remember random things which my bad mood comes. I remember mom and you, that I do not do important things here. I supposed to do something here. As well as your story. How you feel so sad when Risma wanted to move from her new school. I just cannot imagine your feeling is. You certainly did not want to be strict at her that always remind you to Mother, but letting her choose she wants. Thankfully she finally realize that she just needs to adjust herself in a new place around new people with new strict rules.  

Same like me, new condition without having clear plans is unconvenient. But it challenges me to do things I want. How I commit to realise my plans.  How I create creative things to do in a row. How I manage self-consistency with my big enemy, pleasure. By all the distraction on plans I make, being around people here is a gift. Even though I have no agenda to do but people here, together we move in the same mission for an increadible teacher-Pak Kyai. We walk through one duty to another in one reason. 

Helping each other. I was asked by mbak Ana to replace her in elementary school for a Quran class-TPA. I met incradible people on her own. Also, practicing my teaching skill in a big class is always interesting. One student, who cannot be silent, instead of hitting and annoying his friends during the whole class, catches my attention. It turns out that his background and daily life shapes him. His parents, both are working to earn money. Thus, he gets along with high school students to play around. Unfortunately, he sometimes becomes their assisstant to help themselves. A family, which must have more compassion rather than material, is every kids’ right. He deserves to get more attention and compassion.  

You and mother had worked hard. When I was in elementary school, to be honest, I was sad to know you being busy with your stuff rather than asking me if I have homework or not. But now I understand, making money is not easy. Running out of money is such a normal condition before end of months. However, a principal that withdrawing your transferred money is impolite. Graduated student from a university, economically, must be tough.

Besides that, pesantren, is the best place to share anything. We have lots of things to do together including food, time, story etc. We celebrated friends’ birthday. We came to a final paper presentation of our college student. This makes me know more people here and situation on how to get the rhytme to be socially connected. Furthermore, knowing how my spiritually goes so far is the other better. Not only praying for a duty but a call from the heart.  

Princess Zahra’s Final Presentation

Just like this night, a friend of mine, shared with me and other friends after my three years ignoring her so well because of her first worst impression. However, last night is the great time to know each other. We shared our story, how past shapes us. 

Deeply sharing without borders

At the weekend, I spent my time with my roomate, mbak Lian, who knows me well right now. With her, I try to build the best relations to learn mistakes from one another, to share compassion, to give a trust. It is not easy but I believe this time is the right time to the better. Soon I realise that to be always positive thinking is the key out from a conflict. 

Weekend on Opick’s concert

Today, I write this letter inspired by my lecturer, Angela Arunarsirakul, as my source of inspiration. Releasing my motto “coloring the world with my own patterns” is not a new one. It has been many years but I haven’t told anyone what the meaning is. That means, my life is colors (impression, message) for people in their life with my patterns (characters, actions) on my own. Having no idea when my life would end, thus, story is the only thing I can give to this world.
Always happy there.

Your daughter, Wirdatul Aini.

Yogyakarta, 28 July 2017

Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan

Itu looh kampung warna di Malang. Kalau kamu naik kereta, itu pemandangan yang bisa kamu lihat. Menarik kan?

Kampung warna warni yang aku kunjungi ini ada di Jodipan, Kota Malang. Kampung warna memang jadi daya tarik wisatawan di banyak kota di Indonesia. Terbukti dari kebiasaan cekrak cekrik lalu unggah ke medsos, anak muda memang target destinasi ini. Ada 9 kota di Indonesia dengan konsep kampung warna, yang tetap menarik wisatawan.

Waktu kamu mau berkunjung ke kampung ini, bisa jadi kamu akan lewat pasar loak. Itu artinya kamu hampir sampai atau sudah sampai. Masuklah. Dengan karcis sekaligus stiker seharga Rp 2.000, kamu bisa lihat warna-warni dinding rumah, lantai, genting, pagar, jalan, bahkan sepeda yang sudah rusak yang diabadikan. Murah kan. 😆😆😆

Kampung ini sangat recommended untuk berfoto ala ala orang sekarang, selfie dan wefie. Karena 15 warna lebih dari Indana paint bisa memberi kesan menarik bagi mata yang memandang. Juga cocok untuk penikmat seni. Berbagai lukisan dinding yang memiliki nilai seni, indah untuk dimuseumkan di kamera ponsel pintar. 

Kampung ini dimunculkan atas ide mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) sebagai tugas praktikum kelompok. Kampung yang kumuh disulap jadi warna warni. Berkat kerjasama sponsor, Indana Paint dalam proyek “Decofresh Warnai Jodipan” dengan dana CSR, mahasiswa UMM itu sukses melaksanakan proyeknya. Dibantu oleh TNI, POLRI, warga, dan 10 tukang cat, renovasi kampung ini terlaksana. 

Kampung warna warni Jodipan. Lihat ini, ide kreatif yang digerakkan dan didukung banyak pihak. Mengagumkan!

Berkunjung ke Malang, tak lengkap kalau belum masuk ke kampung warna warni Jodipan. 😉 Berikut dokumentasi kunjungan yang hanya sebentar karena sudah cukup kelelahan seharian.

Ke Blitar, Apa Yang Kukejar

Semarang – Solo – Blitar

Rindu. Aku merindukan atmosfir perjalanan. Suasana keramaian stasiun kereta menjelang keberangkatan. Hiruk pikuk orang yang silih berganti berdatangan. Macam-macam gaya pakaian orang saat bepergian. Dan kesepian yang tiba-tiba datang.

Pembelajaran. Aku ingin belajar dari sebuah perjalanan. Mulai dari persiapan sampai akhir tujuan. Aku ingin tahu lebih banyak hal yang tak sampai bisa ku bayangkan. Sampai benar-benar tersadar, bahwa diri ini hanyalah mahluk Tuhan yang  masih butuh banyak belajar. Maka hilanglah rasa kesombongan. Maka hilanglah rasa kepintaran. Maka hilanglah rasa percaya diri yang berlelebihan. Aku ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang aku. Yang terkadang hilang.

Kesalahan. Aku ingin tahu kesalahan demi kesalahan yang sangat mungkin aku lakukan. Biar jadi pembelajaran. Biar jadi pendewasaan. Biar tidak berulang. Biar jadi cerita di masa yang mungkin datang. Dari sini, aku akan lebih tahu, bagaimana aku dan logikaku. Aku dan keputusanku. Aku dan perasaanku. Yang mereka saling berkaitan. Yang mereka punya andil atas aku yang sekarang. Dan mungkin di masa depan.

Perkenalan. Sangat indah mengenal orang lebih dalam. Tak sekedar bercakap. Tak sekedar berjalan-jalan. Tapi tahu latar belakang yang sungguhan. Agar tak mudah buat penilaian, atas keburukan yang nampak di depan. Bahwa hidup adalah perkenalan yang sebentar. Tak punya waktu lama agar bisa mengenal banyak orang. Yang suatu saat akan dikenal. Bahkan oleh yang tak mengenal. Maka, kenallah. Kenallah atas orang lain. Bisa jadi ini jalan mengenal diriku. Utamanya Tuhanku.

Spiritual. Perjalanan membuatku berpikir. Atas ritual keagamaan yang aku praktikkan. Sudah benarkah? Lantas mengapa itu aku kerjakan? Ada kemudahan. Oh, inikah keindahan lainnya. Bertuhan.

🚈Blitar, East Java