Dear My Father,

I want to talk about my life here. This week I got many classes more than usual. In fact, I give more my availability than when I study on college, this week is midterm test.

 I teach three different student in a week. Japanese, American, and Swiss-German. Japanese one is same age with me. I really like to teach student such as a friend. There is no afraid such a ‘kikuk’ sitution or ‘krikik’ moment. She is just a good student and friend.

The American, he takes 5 days course with an Indonesian living experience for 2,5 years. He really seems excited to do things in his life including to study Indonesian language. He asks for many things which becomes his problem and I would be like his facilitator to explain and add more information about his problem. Classes go well and fun.

However, this guy from Switzerland-German is like a great object to measure my teaching skill. Something I need to solve between me and him. He is a good guy. I mean his looks is quite charming for me. However, he seems silent and silent. When I ask him. He would respon and stop there. He doesn’t give any feedback question even asking about me something. Thus I ask to other teacher about him, as a silent student. They says they enjoy enough their classes. The student tell many things. One teacher says it must be knocked so that it makes sounds. Just like him. You need to ask, then he talks, a lot.

In the end of the sessions in the school, I am with two teachers who are being his teachers. One talks about her last class with him. She says many things about his questions to her. Asking about things randomly. For instance the difference of Indonesian money figure and Swiss. Study duration, president and so on. She looks really control and manage the class well. And me? I feel like I don’t have such a good humor and topic yo deliever. I assume he is a silent one but I am totally wrong. He laugh really out loud at the lunch table.

Topic to talk is an important one to define how interesting the conversation. Besides, knowledge and curiousity are main ingredients completed with communication skill.

Thus, here is my reflection during my part


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