Joint Internship with Melbourne Students

Today is the fourth day of our internship in PT. YPTI in Kalasan, Yogyakarta. The good atmosphere, we started to build among us. Gani, the guy who feel he was in the wrong place, tried to convince himself that he was in the right place which has to use all his capability to interact with others. Maya, my two other partners, looks better to express her idea. She seems more comfortable now. Me, I am trying to improve everything in my social interaction with those three Deakin students.

Starting from the first day, I feel like I am not a person who could be able awesome at the first impression. Then the next day I learn how I blend in a diverse group. I tried to arrange words to ask while working the project about the marketing research. The group analyzed the marketing of PT YPTI, particularly in mold division. We helped to add some ideas about the marketing strategy. Mr. Heru, the director of mold division, didn’t tell ask clearly about our duty. However, we kept on arranging some analysis and questions to ask the director, Mr. Petrus.

After scheduling to the director’s secretary, Mr. Pertus brought us to the factory that we could look around to see the worker, machine, and product. For me, it is the first time to be in a factory with big machines producing small parts of items with precision. By that time, the group got more information about things to do with the project. To complete the project, we would make a design of educational toys that has not existed yet. We were planning to visit one or two kindergarten to observe what educational toys they used to teach the students in a class. At the first week, we have made several ideas of educational toys and cultural merchandises.

The second week, we visit Al-Azhar kindergarten to conduct an observation. We were hosted very warm with the teachers and staff there. Mr. Dedi, the library staff, led us to look around the school. Students looked shy to see us but the teachers seemed very exciting. What a nice experience to be around the cute kindergarten children! No more tired but happy with them, but then we decided to cancel visiting Brilliant kindergarten as the next school.

Of course, we got trouble to leave without any permission before. Instead of visiting the next school which has been scheduled by UTY, we went back to the YPTI only to have lunch and play around. Personally, I felt I was mistaken to be in that such a fool situation to leave without any confirmation. However, Mr. Eko, our supervisor looked patient to solve the problem. I asked if we should reschedule to visit the next kindergarten but he recommended to cancel it.

In fact, we kept visiting the Brilliant Kindergarten as they have prepared anything for us. At that day, the teachers hosted us very amazing, They looked so exciting and full of smiling to interact with us. We were explained about the school and the classes they had as well as the educational toys they used to teach the students. Of course, taking photos was the most exciting part. The teachers were very happy to have guests like us, from overseas.

We spent our good time in a different language and culture. We might understand each our culture even though sometimes it is hard to tell why I could not give a hug or an only cheek kiss goodbye for them. The warm feeling of saying goodbye does not have to represent in that way because of a commitment and responsibility. For me, this program is the real life of my future dream. Now, I still remember my teachers’ words what to be like as a Moslem. But later, in that truth culture, who’s gonna keep me in that belief that I have been holding as strong as I can. No one could guarantee it unless God who keep and save me from all those temptations.

Nevertheless, communication and interaction are taught there. Jokes, sometimes dirty and flirty, also are important ones to build a good and memorable time.  And yes, this meeting make me missing about moments I have been done with them. Thank you, Tim, for being like a big brother and sharing as a married man. Thanks, Tegan, for understanding us when those two guys are not and giving us such a brand joke of David who. The last is David, thank you for being a nice guy with coffees in the hotel. Thank you for Maya and Gani, for being my awesome partners to do this job well.

Yogyakarta, 27 November 2016


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