Go Out and See the World

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This morning, exactly on 8 a.m – 10 a.m, I had a class with Mr. Ben Kramer. I call him Pak Ben for short because it is an Indonesian class. Yeay, I am one of the teachers team for his study in Realia Language and Culture Center. Today is my second meeting with him in a classroom after Friday afternoon class. I remember that day, it was a formal meeting at first minutes of my classroom. But when I went to the book, he told some facts which I considered, he liked talking and an interesting person. However, today is more flowing with many interesting topics and few of personal conversation.

At the first minutes, I asked about his holiday at the weekend. He told it was fine and he said that Jogja is a quite city. He could not find beer in a resataurant. There were no clubs or young people who got drinking or dancing until morning. He wondered where the young people are. I answered that actually in Jogja, there are several clubs and some students go there to drink or dance, but not much.

Going to the exercise about Tidak dan Bukan concept, overall he was okay to understand it. However, he forgot some vocabularies interchangeably. At the question number 2, the sentences states about the cars brand. And I was asked about the cars coming from Japan and Germany. My God, I didn’t really know about it. “Your class is not intersting,” he said.  I was surprised to hear that. I said that I was not interested to find out about the cars. “How come? You are a teacher,” he said. “Okay, I will find about the car after this.” Then, he explained me more about cars in many countries. I just didn’t have any pictures in my mind about it.

At the middle of our conversation, he asked, “when will you get marriage?” “Me?” It was his second surprised question. I answer that I made a plan to get marriage before 25 years old. And then he suggest me that I need to travel and see the world. “You can learn many thing including language and cultures when you are outside your countries.” However, I told him that the problem-probably most of Indonesian people- is the money that we needed to survive there. And we have family that we need to take care of them.

He was the one who had been travelled in many countries and able to speak some languages  “By making a timeline, you can decide when you will learn your job, then you can travel, to Singapore, or  to Saudi Arabia where you can teach English for the women. Being a professional one. Which country next? Then you will tell people around you, that there are a lot of differences in this world.” That is what I could parapharse for his suggestion.

His son is also in the same ages like me, and now he was just graduated. “Now he is in South Africa with his friends. Find a girl and travel again. I let him go. It is your choice. I don’t know it is only my suggestion because I don’t know what is your parents would like to,” he added.

Sounds like it is my part of my own life. Travelling and learning. Staying at the same place doesn’t make me any choices to live unless I have a strong intention why am I there. Probably, it could be happened and God let it happen. But, it seems I need to arrange the path I would like to take. It doesn’t come alone, it comes with your courage and enthusiasm. God knows which ones is better and proper.

Yogyakarta, 02.05.16


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