To lead yourself

A leadership. There are many workshops and seminar with the theme of leadership. I have joined many of them. Some activities such kind of training from university, organization or community. Those offer leadership to engage participant that leadership is very important. I would say it is a fact. Leader or khalifah is a mandatory for everyone. Just like my faith, in a Holy Quran said that everyone is born as a leader or khalifah, Q.S. Baqarah: 30. For some people who realize their faith in Allah, they would consider themselves as Abdullah (Islamic Psychology Class at R.100).

After completing some of my projects this semester, it is hard to believe I have experienced all those things. It seems that it’s not easy on my thoughts. It would be hard and I should reduce some of schedules have lined-up. I just remember when myself two years or one year ago.  I deleted some events I have involved because I was afraid I could not doing all of them at the same time. It was true. I resigned from Kamadiksi event, Gasita performance in order to focus on Pramuka and Porsenigama. I also resigned from Saman Raya in term of being a Santri.

There are many hard things coming when you try to chase your dreams. However, now I realized that it is the start line. As long as your journey, there would be joyful and sorrow as a couple. But those things make you be stronger and though. You will learn how life is along your struggling.

This November, I did things that being my big projects. First, I was a committee Mawapres selection with my three friends. I became a moderator of the workshop. The next two weeks, I was invited to become moderator in muslimah talk show at Animal Science Faculty. At this December, I had a talk show named Dialogue of Achievement Nusantara Young People held by SIC.  The next week would be an English annual event Evofest. And the main thing, I haven’t thought yet as teacher in Realia. It is my challenge apart. In fact, I should try as best I can. I am passionate to be a well-round man. I will be a teacher in many ways. I believe Realia is a place for me to learn many things I have not known yet before.

The key of my success is my leadership. I could be very discipline person, but it might be in a day. Thus, leading is simple, when I can control myself to do things done without feeling satisfied, because there are many things remaining to do much better.

Yogyakarta, 8 December 2015


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