Thank You Allah

Dear Allah,

Thank you Allah, for everything You have given to me. I believe, place I belong, people I meet, situations I undergo, friends I make, are your planning to me. Someone who came to me, and bring me in love, even for a while, I believe it comes from You. What a sin I am ignoring You sometimes, forgetting You in a hard and good time.

I am afraid, someday, I will forget you in a situation I don’t expect. I am afraid of people I will meet in the future, will make a distance between me and You. Once again, I am afraid of spouse I will have. I will live with him. I will share with him. I will make a heaven in our home. I can’t imagine one person, it’s too earlier. I don’t want to close with any guy yet, I don’t want to make a hope. I don’t want to get heartbreaking. I want to wait for your fate. I believe, Your fate is better for me. I believe You have chosen him, for my heaven, and create another heaven, even after life.

Today, I felt great. I could share part of my life with my coordinator. At first, it is very hard telling what I am doing in my Islamic boarding school. It felt like it was contrast at Realia life. However, she was nice. She just needs knowing more about what Islam is and moreover, she needs gathering with good people.

By the time, I hope I can learn more my faith in You whenever and whenever I am. Nowadays, I would try building a strong self-defense to know what I know, to do what I plan, to learn what I need, to get into You. If ‘Inayatullah is the officially place, I want to thank you for bring me here. I mean, it is not easy to blend everything, but I must. This introvert type should learn and adjust for many situations. Tomorrow, I will meet new people. I should be ready for them. I should be tough here. Focus what I learn.

Also, I felt that friends are everything. They are great. Pramuka, brought me to meet them, Iroh, Windu, and Wiji. We meet to share and to close our friendship. Thank you Allah.

So much thank you, for being here

Yogyakarta, 19-02-2016




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