Missing my family

On the way after having interview of WRC and joining Eramus Mundus Action 2, I had the strong connection between my dream, God and myself. I said  at myself that I had only two options for this case i.e. I would or not. My big dream is heading on me.

The interviewing experience was so great. I could meet people who had almost the same vision and mission. I felt so comfortable on what we talked about. We shared our dream and feeling in facing the future. About one thing in the future that we extremely agreed was we would be the house wife. Three of us are going to be a good wife and mother. When I was interviewed by him …., he said that I was the first person who came from English department that attracted for WRC. I think It was not too bad for me because some events before, indicated that my department was different. For me, life is so big. There are so many things I should know. That is why I want to know about knowledge.

The scholarship seminar Eramus Mundus Action 2 was really amazing. The speaker named Prof. Gustavo Belforte. He talked about the Eramus Mundus project and his college Politecnico di Torino. I ever felt so sleepy because he spoke so fast but generally I got the point. The way he answered the questions was so long and clear. Most of the question came from the engineering faculty and I felt like so lost. But I considered that at least I had the same way for facing the future.

This morning I convinced myself that all those dreams might be come true. Reading the story of my friend who accepted in the leadership programme made me so envy. If he can, why I do not. We have the same goal but of course we are going to have our own ways. I am in Gadjah Mada University for Vocational School faculty is out of my plan. God makes it happened and there should be something that God will show at me. Who knows? Now I am missing my family. I realize that they are my true goal of these things. I cannot be without them. I am part of them.

About my life in Yogyakarta lately, I had problem with my new Family here. I was in a home with new friends and I should consider them as my new family but it is a little bit hard for me. They are so different with people who I would like to have. I cannot mix with their soul and actually it is only few of them. Now I do not like to spend much of my time in a home besides the distance is far from my campus. I just want to be an active student who dedicate herself for the future.

Yogyakarta, 11 October 2013


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