Preparing Students into A Workplace

Being a fifth-semester student is a challenge for me. I am taking teaching and business administration in a college which is applying more practice than theory. Thus, I looked for a part time job in my field and accepted as a Bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigners. It has an international environment. However, I face a little trouble being a new teacher during my fifth semester. Emphasizing personal management skills, skills in working with others, and labor market information are important things preparing students into a workplace.

The emphasizing personal management skills is an important thing for the college students. As a student of English department taking teaching and business administration, there are many differences between what I learn in my part-time workplace and what I learn in my college life. Thus, the company provides a training program preparing new employer. However, after completing the training program, I got problems doing my job. The company forces me to do properly without any mistakes. As a new employer, it might be frustrating, but I must have self-motivated that my job is great and the people are nice. I get along a reflection skill and learning skill many times in order to know myself and my current job as the personal management skills.

The skill in working with others is the next essential thing for a new employer. In my workplace, there is a team of teachers to get along a lesson plan for a class. As a new teacher, I did mistakes which made a conflict with other teachers. Thus, conflict management  and teamwork skills are needed in working with others.

Last but not least is the labor market information. College needs compose courses to prepare students employability. Career fair and alumni visits are the examples of my college to prepare their students after graduating from college. However, students are encouraged having self-development by making career planning during their study. Also, an internship that is provided by my college can prepare students entering a workplace. Thus, they can practice negotiating, workplace ethics, and working with supervisors.

To sum up, there are three things that college and students could do together integrating workplace and college life. Those are by emphasizing personal management skills, skills in working with others, and labor market information.



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