Feeling Nothing


Scrolling Facebook.com always gets me to a self-rumination. The variety of friends’ stories is interesting to be stalked. The most caught moment is achievement friends story.

Just like this morning, I looked at the moment of grand competition on one of my friends’ post. People in the pictures look like very happy. They enjoy their time in a harmony of togetherness.

Why wasn’t I involved with them? Struggling together to beat the rival, giving the best for the champion of university position and telling parents of great experience on that competition.

I looked at myself. Who was I? How did I spend my time? What was my vision for a couple next year?

The answers of those questions are my offensive. I feel nothing. There is nothing that I can proud of myself.

However, it is a big challenge. Even though I feel I am left from social and intellectual quotient or even more. Then I should run. Run as fast as possible. But I often feel tired. I feel really tired to pursue them all. I am lost.

Wait, I see something over there. Asking me to do what I can do. Doing something than ruminating. Because life is about being thankful or not.

‘Al-Nasu a’daau majahilu’ – manusia adalah musuh apa-apa yang mereka tidak tahu.


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