EXCITEMENT – Let’s be my best friend

[3 JUNE 2015]

Excitement – is a one thing that I learn from this evening’s game. We are holding game as a class meeting of Inayatullah students. There were four games that I and my group joined this night:

  1. Estafet Sarung

We exchanged to wear sarung while holding hands tightly. The first round was done. They looked so excited. However, my group was a little bit quiet. I think, the effect could be seen from the process and result that we were not really excited.

  1. Krupuk game

People jumped wearing karung to eat krupuk in the middle of track and continued to another player. I, mbak Nawa and Mbak Wiwin were trying to eat, but, yes, the atmosphere was not really good.

  1. Kelereng

My group got the first round. We won for the first round. The committee told that there would not be final selection. The second round, each team got the higher kelereng than each team from the second round. They looked more excited.

  1. Hot hot pop

Each team gave one player to play. The player would eat three gorengan and as many of chillies.  At first, I wanted to be the player, but since one of players in my team had not participate yet, I asked her to play. I just said thank you to her for her struggle as the team and appreciate other representative team. I could not imagine myself to eat chillies as that much.

  1. Water breaking

This the last game. My team had not become the winner at any games yet. I became the player to break the water hanging. Alhamdulillah, my team won the game.

Thank you for Allah that let me learn how to deal with a situation. Through excitement, I saw people were enjoying their process. They didn’t look like under pressure instead of following the process sincerely.

Thank you for Allah that bring me all these things. Alhamdulillah.

Use your good energy even though it is a little bit hard to show up.

Feel happy even though you’re sad.

Work is work. Sometimes, environment cannot accept your condition. J

Enjoy the atmosphere of yours.

Just don’t complain. God knows people who sincere.

Be spirit, be enthusiastic, and be excited.

Feel the process and enjoy the rest.


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