Effective Tips to Manage My Finance

Hello! My name is Wirda. I am currently a second-year student of English study program in Gadjah Mada University. My college is located in Yogyakarta, whereas I live in Demak, Central Java. At my first year, I lived in a rent house. But, because I found that there was an Islamic boarding school, I decided to move there. At that moment, I found many differences how to organize myself between living in a rent house and an Islamic boarding school. But, I would like to say that the main different is how I manage my finance. There are three tips that I use to manage my finance; have a Daud fasting, practice a simple life style and find a job.

The first thing I do to manage my finance is doing a Daud fasting. A Daud fasting is a Muslim way to get closer with God by doing fasting in a day and the day after the next day respectively in a duration time that has defined. For example, I do fasting on Monday and I will do fasting again on Wednesday continuously in a year. From this tips, I only will spend my money to eat on the day I do not fasting because actually I have a dinner in my boarding that has provided meal for every students there in the evening.

The next is to apply a simple life style in a daily life. It means that I will not to be a hedonic person. As we know, globalization has changed many people life style. Western brings many influences of Eastern life style. I would like to say that it’s not totally wrong, but I would like suggest that Eastern should not lose their identity by this changing. For example, a shopaholic is not an Eastern lifestyle. But currently, I find my friends who are really crazy to go shopping. Thus, I choose to not follow that mainstream. I’d rather allocate my finance to complete my academic needed. Simply life is easy. It is a self-management. Priority of each person is different.

The last is finding a job. A college student, like me, has spare time outside the lectures. Many of my friends use their spare time by working part time job. For example, Kristi, who becomes a waitress in a coffee shop and Nurul, who has an online shop.  Just like me, I become an elementary teacher every Saturday. Besides I can practice my teaching skill, I also can afford salary by doing my hobby as a job.

In summary, I do a Daud fasting, simple life style and a part time job as the three tips that I can do to manage my finance. However, those trip can be suitable for college student if they have a simply life principal, just like mine. It can be start by having a good self-management to have an effective finance management.

 Yogyakarta, 13 April 2015


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