A Santri Who Become A Student

بسم الله الر حمن الر حيم

          A story begins from a 2-year-student who has decided to be a Santri[1] one year ago.  At that time, she was bound up several campus events and organizations which are contrast with her position as a Santri who have to recite the Holy Quran and come to Madrasah Diniyah[2] at 8 – 9 in the evening. However, she tried to do both with all her capability as a student, santri and committee. But, life wasn’t flat enough as she thought. She couldn’t focus on what she did, therefore she got troubles at every place she met i.e. late comer on attending the Holy Quran reciting, being a hurried committee on attending a late evening meeting, etc. By those experiences, at the next semester, she was getting started to focus at particular position that is being a Santri. The reasons why she decided to be a professional Santri who study at college may include her intention to live as a Santri, the good Islamic atmosphere to become a Muslimah[3], and the duty of a Muslim to teach people about Islam.

            The intention to live as a Santri is about the mainly reason of her. Just like the hadith said that everything should be started by an intention. When I was in junior high school, my parents and brother asked me to live in an Islamic Boarding House while studying at SMP N 2 Demak. They also offered me to wear scarf. But, as an ordinary girl who didn’t understand a lot about Islam, I just ignored what they said. I didn’t wear scarf nor did I live in an Islamic Boarding House. Until when I was twelfth grader, I was trying to be santri. However, some obstacles were come. It’s caused by me who didn’t have a strong intention. For instance, I was afraid to get a trouble of secondary school academic result, thus I postponed it but I have lived in my math teachers for two weeks. That is why, in a college life that I imagine I would become an activist, it’s totally change. Be a santri is main duty. It needs a big intention.

            After living with santri at Inayatullah, it’s a right place to get an Islamic atmosphere regularly. When I would like to compare with my daily activity in a rent house, living in an Islamic Boarding House was a way to balance between the short-term and long-term purpose to live in this planet for the world after life. For example when I just got stressed to think about my assignments and duties or just worrying about what I was doing and my future would be, then I would be free after I was with God. I have God, and God is mine. It’s peaceful. Besides, I was taught how to be a different student with a santri as an identity. My Kyai[4], Khamdani Yusuf, said that santri weren’t student. They were just a pure santri, whose studying at a college. It’s a choice matter but for me, living in an Islamic Boarding House –Inayatullah- is the right place to get an Islamic atmosphere regularly.

            Last but not least, I want to be a good Muslimah who learn Islamic studies as a duty. Like the hadith said that to learn is the duty of a Muslim and Muslimah and the Islamic study was the wajib[5] knowledge. I want to use my life to learn Islam. It’s started now. Just imagining from little thing, when I have children, then they ask me how to read Al-Qur’an well, but in fact, I can’t. Otherwise I live in a place where has a variety of Islam perception, then I do not know the appropriate ways to educate my children. Furthermore, there are a lot people who want to know about Islam. If I do not know what Islam and its content, it means I am lacking of will to learn Islam and ignore to do my duty. Thus, I want to be a good Muslim by knowing the Islam and spreading the beautiful of Islam.

              In summary, santri is the reason to live as a good Muslim. It’s only the process, not the final result. However, being a santri is my life process in a college, needs a good and strong intention, have a good atmosphere at Islamic learning, and chance to learn Islam as a duty of Muslim.

[1] An Islamic student who learn Islam and live at Islamic Boarding House.

[2] An Islamic class with several subjects about the basic Islamic studies (that is attended at 8 p.m class).

[3] A woman Muslim.

[4] A guidance and chief of an Islamic Boarding House.

[5] A law of Islam that something should be done.

Yogyakarta, 11 March 2015


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