2nd meeting of SIC #1 – Share your Idea

Today I attended at the second meeting of SIC #1. Now on, I feel very blessed. This is how people life has defined by Allah. Wherever and whenever they are, there is a learning that they can build for the better they are.

*Meeting an outstanding  people

Did you know Birrul Qodriyyah and MaliK Khidir?  If you don’t know, you might find it easily on google. They are an outstanding people from my perspective. Two years ago, they were only on my imagination. I’d never dreamed to close with them even work in one project. But now, it’s on my eyes. Who is make it happened? Allah. With Him, I am trying to find myself. By meeting them today, I felt like I am surrounded by people who have the same passion and covered by all things I need.

*The integration of my passion

It’s almost a year I have been in an Islamic Boarding House “Inayatullah”. But it’s not easy for me to integrate Pontren activity with my daily activity at Scout and other committee. At that moment I felt like I have a lot of problems in both. But when I decided being an only santri, I got a problem with myself. It forced me to realize that I was nothing because I wasn’t do anything.

But then, I found that there will be an open recruitment for Santri Inspiration Center. This is Allah’s guide. Until I became the member, I found that it was what I was looking for. It’s totally suitable for me. Not only for becoming a santri, but it is a also becoming a leader who integrate of Islamic studies with the science and knowledge. I am very proud knowing them.

*With بسم الله الر حمن الرحيم

The leader Mas Malik said that all of things he has achieved come with Bismillah. Setting up Stechoq with 2 billions and buying two motor machine with 150 million are the proof. He came with an Islamic approach. He does regularly sunnah. It might be the model of me how Powerful of Allah.
Mas malik motor

Besides those I have written, there are many things that I have learned today. Mas Desta , he brought me to think how things are made from philosophy perspective. An important word of him was the special things from Yogyakarta couldn’t find from the city, but the edges of Yogyakarta. It was never ending and attractive dialogue. He seems very experienced on it.

Thanks for reading.


Yogyakarta, 1 March 2015


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