Be Patient to Find My Real Passion

Last year, I was worried about my future carrier. What I would be with English? Is it guarantte me to be a better person? I was often envy with other students who learn particular studies and seemed successfully. But me, I chose English study program which belong to Vocational college faculty. I considered it is an abstract choice.

But recently, the message of my process seemed to be pretty clearer. Languge is an abstract study. And English is my way to open the world knowledge. I need to be good in English cohesively. The more day I learn English, the more I find myself.

Besides, I am attracted choosing Teaching become my concentration. Here, I learn teaching psychology which is I can meet the model leacturer I want to be in the future. Seems like I am still trying to find who I am. And yes, I am still trying to find myself through any process of my life. A sel-reflection I need to do everyday.

Psychology is my dream study since last year. I considered it as an attractive study in order to find who I am. Besides, I am also curious about sociolinguistics – a relationship of language to the society. It means that I need to learn how to mastering language well. Yes, it is about communication. It could be verbal and non-verbal.

Yups, it is my process. I need to be patient to find my real passion.

Yogyakarta, 25 February 2015


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