Depending at Sense of People

Achievement student competition (Mawapres) is dedicated to student who has good ability of soft skills and hard skills. Universitas Gadjah Mada is the one of other university in Indonesia who has its achievement student to present in national level.

Birrul Qodriyyah is the 2013 Mawapres of UGM. Although she only got the third champion, but her excellent capability has evidenced. As the scholarship recipient of Bidik Misi, she got the chance to speech directly in front of Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. She was also invited as the speakers at the some events, including inside and outside island. She is an inspiration for student, especially for student coming from poor family.

Following the next UGM mawapres selection, I found Erwina Salsabila at Super Camp 2 selection. She was the winner after defeating other nine students. Unfortunately she got the 9th position at national level.

It’s been years for UGM of lacking the winner of mawapres competition at National level. Despite I am sure that the student of UGM has the capability on it. But the matter is that mawapres is not being a prestigious competition for UGM student.  Thus it makes the atmosphere is not really enthusiasm like Student Creativity Week (PKM) competition.

Besides, there will be selection of mawapres 2015 soon. Hope that the figure could present her/his best. Furthermore, she/he can bring the good air for next mawapres candidate selection at UGM. Is the next Birrul Qodriyyah, an Indonesian Inspiration could be born again? My answer is it depends at sense of people to considering mawapres as an inspiration figure.

Jogja, 15 February 2015


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