Bright Future with English

English study program is my choice of many majors offered in a college life because I like to communicate with other people around the world. As people know, English is the first international language. Thus, if I want to communicate with people around the world, I have to be able in English skill. However, recently, I need to obtain of defining my future with English. That’s why I have to make specific plan to go with English.

Be an English teacher is my favorite one. During this semester, I will encourage myself of having practical teaching experience. In fact, I teach Quran to student in a state elementary school. But I need more experience to apply my English skills. Whereas, I have been thinking that teaching was not easy. Practical teaching needs well preparation. After that, it needs an evaluation of my teaching method. I realize, teaching is not only about distributing knowledge to students. It’s a calling. I am trying to find the truth of me trough becomes a teacher.

Next, I encourage being a translator of English to Indonesia or just the opposite. I think, translation is not just an alteration from languages. It needs a sense of looking for the message behind the words. Honestly, I challenge myself to have a good reading skill as a preparation vis-à-vis a translator requirement. Besides, being a translator will increase my knowledge because when I translate the words, I translate the knowledge.

Furthermore, I want to be an entrepreneur of my English skill. By developing the teaching and translating jobs, I will set an English Language Center. The activity is about to learn English as a second language e.g. English for students, preparation and like-test of TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC. In order to develop the Language Center, it will provide not only English, but also other languages.

In conclusion, my future job with English is an arrangement. I need to take efforts of frequently studying and regularly practicing. But more than that, English is a way I communicate with people. It is a language that contains message.


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