Help Help and Help !

I knew what was heppened right now. Everything that I got was for myself . My wallet which was including my all cards , photos, and money for my living cost until April was missing. I was sad at first that I could hide my feeling “ I give up Allah for all these bad things at me”.

Then I tried to be calm and calm until I found that I needed to get correct on my self. I was an ordinary human that had many sins. Even my breath was not my possession. So I didn’t have a right to be upset if He took my wallet from me.

One thing that made me upset was I did the same mistake that was careless. I felt that I wasn’t usefull even for my self. How could I help others?

So, I made up my mind that as long as you could help others then help! As long as you have energy for others then use! Cause you don’t know when those would be lose and you could’t do anything with them.  

Warmest regards, ^^

Yogyakarta, March 23, 2014


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