Sadness is a part of life

My classes had finished which was started from morning until evening continously. I was feeling  tired. Feeling bad at people I met. I remember about what decision I had made. I was in Scout Basecamp and I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I remember that my hulled rice was used up and at that moment, I was starving. I decided to go to Blimbingsari for having meals. I met the owner of the store which we (Yogyakarta people) called Burjo. She was a half-old man who had have grandchild. When I took rice from the rice cooker, I asked to her about how she got the hulled rice. She said that she sold hulled rice but informally. Of course, I also compared the prize per kilogram from another places. Well, without no doubt, I bought 2 kilograms of hulled rice.

Meals, which comprised of rice, tempe and vegetable, were served on the plate. I started to eat while listening sentences by sentences from that woman who was pursuing me to step down to the real life story from her experiences. From our conversation, she had stayed and worked there for 8 years that she could have two buildings. She planned to move at Palagan street near by Monjali street which was her genuine place if the rent cost would be increased next year.

There were 2 buildings which one of them was empty. I gave feedback from her sentences and the topics changed automatically. She talked about her daughter who gotta divorced. She looked sad as I could feel by that time. She ever felt full of lack but the worst part of  life was to see her daughter married then divorce. She never imagined that it could be happened on her as a mother. Now, she tried to think about how to increase her family life economic. Her grandchild was with her that she needed larger room which meant of expanding her jobs.

I couldn’t imagine that after my marriage my parents would be more pressure of me. It doesn’t make sense at all besides I realize that sadness and happy are part of life. Now, I intend decrease her pressure. One of ways is by cutting her responsibility to finance me for my living cost. After I marriage, I should give them back, no more make them sad, but happy in their old rest of life.

Yogyakarta, March 20, 2014


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