Raja Suyo Offering


Prabu Puntadewa is a noble tycoon. He was recommended by Prabu Kresna to have a Raja Suyo Offering after his position being the king of Indrapastra. Aswameda Offering was almost the same with Raja Suyo Offering. However, Aswameda Offering should release a horse that was followed by kingdom war in a long region passed by. But, Raja Suyo Offering was only followed by solders.

Prabu Puntadewa heard that Raja Giribraja and Prabu Jarasanda would have Kala Radra offering. It was needed 100 kings of country. Their heads were gonna cut and given to Batarakala as the present of Kalarodra.  Prabu Jarasanda had jailed 97 kings, it was 3 left so he looked for Prabu Kresna, Prabu Baladewa and Prabu Puntadewa to complete that case. Therefore, Prabu Puntadewa wanted to release the 97 kings in the prison.

Prabu Puntadewa, Werkudara, Arjuna, Nakula and Prabu Sadewa came to Griyabraja. Prabu Jarasanda was really happy of their coming. He thought that he could complete his 100 kings of country. Then Prabu Puntadewa asked to the 97 kings to close each other. He would start Raja Suyo Offering. Absolutely, Prabu Jarasanda was angry with Prabu Puntadewa’s words because he stole the 97 kings of Prabu Jarasanda.

Prabu Werkudara was also upset of Prabu Jarasanda. He tried to take Prabu Puntadewa and Prabu Kresna for completinmg his 100 kings. There was a war cause of that. Prabu Jarasnda was really hard to be killed. Then, Prabu Kresna was remembered of his uncle Prabu Brehidata, that Prabu Jarasanda could be killed by separating his body. So, he grabbed  Jarasanda’s left foot and pulled it to the left side then continued to grabbed his right foot and pulled it to the right side. Eventually, he was died like his birth. After Prabu Jarasanda’s dead, Prabu Puntadewa release the 97 kings. They came to their own country then.

Prabu Puntadewa held Raja Suyo Offering that was followed by 100 kings from all over country. They could come on time at Indraprasta palace. At the time of speech the vision and mision for the event, Prabu Puntadewa gave that chance to Prabu Kresna. Suddenly, Supala annoyed that moment. He was Prabu Jarasanda confederate.

Supala’s birth was actually staggered Wayang world. He was born with four hands and three eyes. There was someone who could make him to be normal and also made him die. Resi sakti said that Titisan Batara Wisnu was that person. His family gathered all of the big family member, Narayana was included. When Narayana lifted Supala up, he became normal. It meant that Narayana was the person who make him died. Narayana just reminded that he might not snub himself or someone else in front of 100 people even more.

On the other hand, Prabu Kresna was not able to stop his furious. He had asked Supala for several times to be silent but he was not. Then he took his heritage weapon Cakra and killed Supala. He was died in front of one hundred more people. Prabu Kresna asked for apologize and said that it was a destiny of God. Prabu Supala would died because of his behaviour.

After the dead of Supala, Raja Suyo Offering was started. Brahmana led the ceremony and permitted that Prabu Puntadewa was settled as the king of Indraprasta Palace. Hope, Indraprasta people and 100 countries could be strong, safe, and peaceful ever after.



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