Man, Don’t be Rude Please!

“Oh what is it Allah? I don’t want this would be happened again. This is Jogja and I shouldn’t be out there alone when it was getting dark,” I said while keeping in riding.

Today I planned to go some places for fulfill my schedule. But some of them were posphoned because I spent my afternoon in Bulaksumur Residence (BSR). I visited my classmet place. I had never gone there before. It was amazing because there were some flags from countries. Actually, those flags  signed that there were their citizen.Image

I and pink doll in my fiend’s room

I remembered that today I had promise with kak Septi, D who would test me about medicine material. It was 5 p.m. at Sanngar Bakti (SB) Pramuka. I dealt in that time because I didin’t take a pray and there was no “bandongan” at PP Inayatullah. It was possible if I went to class at 7.30 pm.

At that time, there was a heavy rain. But I should go. I wore my mantel and rode my pink bicycle to SB. I met kak Septi, D there, the only one of RTBTD member. There were also some RGM members who played game favorably.

“ I think youn forgot, Wirda,” kak Septi said.

“Hehe It’s a heavy rain so I wait for it a while to stop, “ I answered.

Well, I finished my project there then soon I went back. It wasn’t rain so I didn’t use my wet blanket. When I rode my bicycle in front of vendors at GSP, there was a guy who smiled at me while saying “Assalamu’alaikum”. I ignored him but answered his words in heart. It was so bad, I didin’t even know him before.

When I arrived at the intersection of Kaliurang Street Km 4,5 (jakal), I turned left and rode slowly. At that time, it was quiet and dark. I rode at the left side, slowly slowly and slowly because my bicycle was hard to ride. Suddenly, the sound of motorcycle closed to me, I turned my head to the right and yes a guy groped my chest intentionally in seconds. “Astaghfirullahal’adzim,” I shouted strongly and loudly. Then he went straight on his motorcycle.

“Oh what is it Allah, I don’t want this would be happened again. This is Jogja and I shouldn’t be out there alone when it was getting dark,” I said. Soon, I remembered many things randomly. I couldn’t hide my woman feeling so I felt my tears.

I kept to ride my bicycle until arrived at PP Inayatullah. “You didn’t follow bandongan, did you?” Mbak Ani said. “Well, I thought that there was no bandongan mbak,” I answered it.

I even went at 1 a.m. and I felt alright. But it was 7 p.m., something I never imagined was happened. This was all Allah reminder. It was the first time for me and the last, Aamiin. Soon I promised that I should in PP Inayatullah started from Magrib to take pray together.

Well, I seemed like I want to take ninja for my days. You know,  I had covered my chest with that veil, but a guy still looked at it.

After the class, I told this event at Mbak Ani, I felt better then. I rode my bicycle to my home fast.

Yogyakarta, February 10, 2014. 


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