Problem in Self Management

Writing Test as the last subject on Final Exam

Actually I didn’t really enjoy this major. Do I love English? You shouldn’t ask me about that. I love English very much since I was in 9th grade.  I learned every single word I know through my only one dictionary. I heard songs  and found their new vocabulary meanings  and also watched some movies and tried to speak like their actors and actresses almost everyday. Until I decided to choose this major because I love English and that’s one of my future. English was mine and part of my soul.

But what I felt as a student of English department for this semester, there was something different. I lost piece of soul on myself. I have two reasons as my analyzing. First, it’s not my phase anymore that I should crazy and do the same thing. It is time for me to increase it through the real application of English i.e. in the real life I should speak English fluently. But, for this case I need to do some lessons of books. Otherwise, I do not attracted a lot of studying through the book.

Second, I am bored of the all activity in the class seriously. I study English in detail and that makes me remember of all my past. I’m not on that phase anymore. I will more excited on my activity at the weekend. I meet some great figures and hear their experiences. I meet new people and they are all great. It tests me somehow to live in the real world. Real word is so cruel and challenging. I need more about life skills. I want to know more about life that I dream of.

At my final exam, I studied the material. But it’s only a couple of time. Even I didn’t study at all for some subjects. During the test, I tried to know how honest I was. I didn’t want to ask even I couldn’t. I remember, I was a type of student who went out from the class so late. I met one or two of my friends left. I didn’t know why. Wasn’t I fast like other students? Or were they too fast? In my opinion, I have a big problem in my self management i.e. to find what is my priority scale.

Yogyakarta, 09 January 2014


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