Angkringan Malioboro

Last Meeting in Indonesia

Last Meeting in Indonesia

I was so happy today. The best night I‘ve ever had in Jogjakarta. You guess what?

Yesterday Kristyna told me that she and Aji had arrived in Jogjakarta  I was so glad to hear that. We planned to dinner at Malioboro. I told Mas Deri and he said that he was free. I didn’t know who else I could tell but him.

When I said that I could meet them, they were actually at the beach. It was so far from my home and I wasn’t sure because I had my first college the next day. Then I told that I couldn’t join them.

It was Monday. Today was my first day in college. I should enjoy on what I was doing here. I wasn’t in Senior High School anymore. The lecture is only the facilitator. I am going to be a person I chose to be. It was totally different when I was in Senior High School that was only obey the school rules.

I did a lot today. I went to DAA for complaining my unsuccessful log in on ditmawa UGM. She told me that I should go to main building (Gedung Pusat). Oh you know how big the main building is! Feeling so lost when I and my friends should find where was the room of Mr. Wahyu. Walking around with the bad feeling, we found his room. Oh my Allah, he was so kind. We talked a lot and I thought he loved it. He considered our existence as new Gamada (Gadjah Mada Muda).

I had my first reading class for the first time. But because the lecture didn’t bring the material so we practiced braveness. I tried to do my best for this chance. J

I also happy because I have Puspa in class. She is so kind. She may accompany me to go to college everyday. That makes me think twice to buy a bike. 😀

I didn’t still know what would be happened tonight? Could I meet her? L Because I also didn’t want to miss Wanggar gathering.  Be positive thinking that I could join all of them. But, how could I come to Malioboro? 😦 I just brought my present for Kristyna, with only feeling I could meet her. Then I texted mas Aji that I couldn’t come because I had dinner with my friends. Ohhh 😦

After some ideas come, Wanggarians decided to gather in Malioboro.  Hahaha Thanks God, I would meet her tonight. Two meetings would happened in a moment. Alhamdulillah, I tried to call Mas Aji. I said that I was in Angkringan Kopi Joss. Happily he knew where we were. I was so happy when I looked them walked together. I hugged her. We talked a lot. Taking a couple of pictures. But I was a little bit nervous at her. 😀 Finally I hope she’d be happy with anything she did in Indonesia.

PS : Keep in touch dear. See you in another time and place. 🙂


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